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measures to further improve the business environment can cause extent are the products of your proposed a new business. according to the president's commission the format of inspections in the country will be radically revised to exclude all unnecessary requirements as a result the total number of requirements will reduce by more than thirty percent. we hit the pin and the practical form. scheduled inspections will be canceled starting to reverse two thousand fifteen only goes on to new ritual really have a high probability of violations of law will be subject to inspections. if an entrepreneur of the phils only two apartments inspection agency should not come and it's all starting to wear first two thousand fifteen the liquidation procedure for small to medium size businesses will be simplified the general prosecutor's office will provide the national chamber of the newest with access to an information in relation to business. hooper computer decision to permit issuance procedure will be completed in at least a hundred forty kinds of permits will be in electronic format in addition pro
from china built environment minister says beijing will cooperate to develop an advanced falling dust monitoring systems. a pro russian gunmen seize government buildings in a border region in ukraine raising fears of separatism in a country still reeling from the alister of its president from sunday's big and staff. that means it's thursday. they vary twenty seven here in korea my soul i'm moving on and sean went they do so much for joining us. we begin with the latest confirmation that north korea fired four short range missiles into the scene earlier this evening. for more details are still alive on the phone to my feet and knees correspondent up to one that you hardly know so far i can't tell yet if i needed a haircut for a good korea fired up for the gift pile of which are believed to have been thoughtful than in the pool at five forty two the atp. the forced to read her thoughts were bought from newark korea felt it during the week in an area with a gal could he be eaten or in the direction. they get it the mountainous region with a maple bar to pack. located forty km felt that n
can do better. i didn't use recognized by many as being the best environment for many international sisters our ambition is to make it all to the best environment for startups opposition parties weren't impressed. so krishna stopping because employers which to drive economic wave that is the topic of the venue through underneath the arches of the political expect in the tiki focus on long term indigenous jobs that decision making should not be traded services at on small medium enterprises in knots for this goldman is very much a lacking but they did welcome the increase in employment. sure we're on our teen years. the government's plan focuses on growing the domestic economy by supporting small and medium size businesses are portable called them has been looking for companies story. city analysts seems like just the type of company the government wants to help based in dublin and limerick employs twenty three staff in its quarter testing them for entries. but many companies is considering expanding its operations over the coming years but is very aware of the risks of doing so. we
and polite and france to the environments. mix all of this china's economy continues to twelve presidential campaign and his administration are pushing ahead with reforms as a team for long term stability. one insight and analysis on weekends. one of the series and china will to reform an age heroes from jakarta is covering this story in and they should in today's china's biggest annual political event kicks off right here in the capital and preparations are fully underway. one of the biggest concerns right now its security as thousands of representatives of dr here in beijing. there's even a bigger security presence because of this weekend's deadly attack in the southern city of twenty. isn't that what i saw around the meeting venue. the main square in the center of teaching is also the center of political power. i've read it to the west is the great hall of the people would just once a year china's biggest issues i put forth prioritize and discuss. this composition egos and gathering in that building in a few days from now to determine the country's future direction. and security all arou
the environment. and through all of this china's economy continues to grow present she's thinking and his administration are expected to introduce more of forms with the goal of achieving long term stability all this week. we're bringing you an insight and analysis with their special series china road to reform nhk world's rajah prada is covering the story in beijing this was a year meeting is so important in china that people in this country categorize it as its own season in the political season. and bc spokesperson for again spoke to reporters ahead of the opening session she talked about cars than she should team's determination to tackle bureaucratic corruption instead they'll be zero tolerance for corrupt officials and anyone found guilty must be harshly punished. dismissed worries that other nations have expressed about china's ongoing military buildup. she said china believes he can maintain peace by spring. and if the chinese people can only be rest assured if there's a strong force defending their homeland and to acknowledge environmental problems same pollution is a major chall
that that funding to put it up in this environment it's a shame. look to different types of books including the golf boss the cd and it was. if that saw thousands from across the bike to begin to expediency than blood. given that meant that all having a baby but i've not had that does not it spreads its debut on the ninth of may. from the mound. ok saw them and on monday jeans and t pain. now baby this is indeed a nice lady. so at night. the chance to get that many and the jemaah. knitting is good and it has i love the vista this is the only one. he was having a good diet is really good to be out and enjoy the best of it on the bus on that site. i would die. she wouldn't touch it just didn't bother signing the traffic police who seem to finish watching england was the scene for the new thai banking shares showing off their teenage kids at the candy cane smut school to the states. the event of sikkim and i the entertainment of dance including indie music gunships a victim of other women doing a lot about the above. i went nobody does not manipulate them. given choose a thousand foot fall it's got fix
that they are going to be around tourism and the environment. brown infrastructure. brown opportunities to invest in the direction to bring tourists both ways through the border. a ceremony held in mexico city's towel many cattle angel my hero award the concept is that the capture was distinguished guests medallion on the key to the sixty five has signed agreements to imprint sites or services to the estimate to fall eight million mexican migrants covers all a bit lopsided release. instead kept its icy hold on much of the mountain states on monday with snow forming an attempt to struggling schools and offices closed. to make a subset of the harsh winter threatened as much as ten inches of snow by the end of the day in washington baltimore and elsewhere in the meat atlantic region school systems in baltimore washington in many suburban areas but close as roll smithsonian museums. except for the national and space museum. more than two thousand one hundred flights in the notice states the council on monday according to the gym and prayers. as chancellor unto them will visit israel relations between
it or not we want to knit. it comes to power and does so even for the overall environment thereby leading a protest note to result in a democratically elected government being pushed aside so the dinner as long as saying the united states has the government wants. how do you think that government may turn out looking at the current crop of opposition leaders who are now and for all intensive purposes in power there do you think that that could end up being a final government well it's really difficult since when does the situations are so turbulent an ounce of course that the united states is not interested in having a fascist government in place so all we do have these white nationalists take extreme elements alone. some of those in the new korean government united states. it is the one thousand people of color what is holy war is that they will be good to be displaced and that will get more moderate figures that can be more or less controlled. now we've heard promises of financial aid coming from europe do you think europe and also the us would be able to contribute the amount of money
our environment. i wish e cards were used here. your corner we take a look at trends and above the line china. on tuesday sold to a tiny people have the day of school supply from china the popular thing amongst tiny bit of time and money from women and children are the easiest to get. after studying the market for luxury feel like the woman who apply for the next market being exploited. recently many schools to start their new semester. after the winter vacation. to cap the bottle to watch prepare for the new semester. many stationery stores in shopping malls. the promotions for student poverty and adapted it down. the braves are still freaking out there. they want to look and the defenders of the hundred fifty to three hundred twenty dollars for the children they snared the new semester. the income from one to ten to nine hundred us dollars. the cloth can really add up from ninety one when family. speaking on the common price for school that integrated into the computer. made in china no cooking co production of dollars. cole was attacked the cheapest price to move around too
are on the environment and are seeking comfort dishes but the police. the arms sales are booming but there are also coming under heightened criticism the industry sold over ten billion dollars worth of weapons in twenty eleven and twenty twelve but is facing awkward questions over and pour into the tiling its use of the palestinian territories as testing grounds. art is falsely year has indeed house. i think there is a very a big elephant in whom it is noted very big fat no reality which is seldom spoken about and that's as far as most people clue when his tools on this industry. the tile has a country the size of the american state of new jersey become the world's six largest exporter people don't really ask what was the what what what the of a small country in the case that it took the power of the of weapons. hilton feldman is a gentleness and to make a decent bbc's award winning documentary an ad in which he argues that israel's occupation of palestine and also to have such a post this weekend's industry. what are you over the world one hour with them which were tested on the ol' us of this the
't. i made excuses. sometimes i sold myself short. only difference is that i grew up in an environment that was a little bit more forgiving. so when i made a mistake the consequences were not as severe. a bus crash in eastern thailand has come to these fifteen people including thirteen students having the seas. one hundred and fifty km southeast of bangkokt on one of the city i was with him. the snow like this are expected to re submit privatization legislation to combat this friday is the day after rejecting the bill. if the night but it sticks. it was rented out with the socceroos who received a mixed bag to buy land on either the government says is necessary to stave off bankruptcy next couple of months. finally it's award season in the cinema industry enterprises based and brightest are gearing up for the sears out ceremony this friday an annual tradition since nineteen seventy six often described as the french the army has been deafening. kelly leads to more closely with singer is a crucial component in the minds of many. temple wasn't it. films but it's the warmest mother and me
. this is uncommon or to other for hours tonight and then the most important thing is to ensure an environment of peace security and political stability and cambodia. so investors keep coming. you laugh. johnson fact is the government they will politely tell them the way for us. enjoy significant profits tax on workers and told the patient to sit still and be thankful for the small white concrete steel and jenna the nicest remains hopeful for the first time ever conveyed his textile workers to cast on an exercise their rights. course will stay in touch with our server was as defined out of latino workers get the software i so desperately fighting for. now ms from your community and the world needs to know about and hugs me to see him for the next episode. sabres acts. i know i knew. and when. at all the road. i do. i am. in the all in. i can i eye thousands of ukrainian troops stationed in the clammy and i were forcibly rejecting he is a new authority. switching allegiance joining up with local defence projects meanwhile resistance is breathtaking tens of thousands of ukraine's eastern regions
the environment and are seeking comfort in his book the police. will the situation that has allowed on our website and also the actions that also has a driving force in financing any meat and chicken dishes. so i present for five minutes remaining that region. weapons. and there's good news for the faithful and kindle the sport's governing bodies as it's a painful one and as a team that has become a jury in june. the thing is i'm afraid he's having a major headache for person of the soaring levels of crime is again xd muslims and this is the middle of the side the all stars has held talks on the huns oc some press reports now on a self styled christian patrol stressing to infinity and community tensions the time of the debate given that the coating that is in a patrol in town. but the hills that this small but neat only listen to toast the new tricycle great calling themselves the recent past have responded by holding what they tout christie and two thrones and this patrol comes complete with out a fake who fall through the delivery of the whole thing is almighty. he joins them that they take to t
that most of the paintings are on the environment and are seeking comfort dishes but the police. more analysis on the crisis in venezuela is what are some striking images from the recent bombing run is to become a website. also their international pressure was the only reason im wrong to have everything to ever speak of spiritual issues might be one of the key factors to rise dramatically reducing its atomic program plus covering the head for religious reasons by muslim women has caused much control the sea and some european countries. but if ss. there is no problem with doing it on a football pitch more one on the phone call. the rise in hate crimes against muslims is proving a major challenge for britain muslim patrols displays of islamic extremism in the daylight mother of a soldier in london of all field bomb and sentiment. now with rigid anti christian group is taking justice into his own hands. i got on the debate was given the voting rights is in a patrol in town the hills and small but neat only listen to chose a new tricycle great calling themselves the recent past have this
though it's clear that most of the paintings are on the environment and are seeking competitions but the police. the analysis the crisis in venezuela as well as some striking images from the recent violent rallies on my website. also their international pressure wasn't the only reason iran have everything covered too the tissues might be one of the key factors in law is dramatically reducing its atomic program. plus covering the head for religious reasons but muslim women has caused much controversy european countries. but if us as there is no problem with doing it on a football match on the market outcome. when yard has been investigating the controversial christian group that claims it wants to counter aggressive is on the fifth station. they do it by trying to dry out muslims by drinking and smoking outside one of britain's biggest mosques. surfers have the chance. i don't want to go to the bagel given that the film coating that is in a patrol in town. but the heels of a small but neat only listen to toast the new tricycle great calling themselves the recent past have responde
school in a new working environment dinner and the scenery in the bb do some practice at school. here they do it in real work and practice what they learn. let's teach students to the castel school employment placement of graduation. i don't know who used to hearing skills. like how when you turn. i mumbled i bought the hat that makes it look good when posting about that. ryan looked great on. to help me in finding that the claimant. the brick wall. i'm glad obama is the key to reaching government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education. we should pull out of a detainee and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclones. they will not scratch it. you knew me in moving moving moving breaking news at all seem to not smoke or amy is no norm than the caves commands an anti ukrainian and fourth division says it will forgo the borders of local authorities bringing the total number of treats this week's least almost six thousand plus. he is well nigh he created the crisis in ukraine and how they did it russia's foreign minister response to threats of isolation
businesses. your nanny boundaries in policies and procedures. the bigger environment becomes better you'll be easier for us make a living across the country there are hundreds of millions of families like to meet us total and struggled and three. for many times that identity is not just about six thousand individuals like mr the day to me that each person's faith is closely connected with the changes our nation the government is pushing the country's coast changes the new leadership to authors see jean king has promised a comprehensive reforms the government says the problem least on the faces of part of a structural problem that calls for structural changes that i didn't really match the team concludes that it's going to the nation of the chinese nation which ought to reshape the life of its content. that my daughter and her laugh you can. i took this in the least my parents. one man team. who wanted mine. i grew up in small been reached and experienced hard times. i'm grateful for anything we have today. i like dream is to raise to help finance her whole family. that's my contribution
and the environment. there also some risks in the financial and real estate sectors. but he remained confident saying china would address and solve these problems through more structural reform. i was thinking on guaranteeing social order and the safety of people's lives and property for nearly touch on weekends and subsidize attack in kunming. butler twenty nine people dead the premier once again said the government is determined to crack down on terrorism chili's. each. she said china will step up efforts to ensure social order. we're determined to crack down on terrorism we're determined to keep our nation a safe place whisk and down the horrible attack including ah marks the first and we have offered our deepest condolences to victims and their families were resolute to crack down on all crimes that the secret our loss and threats in society who will build a safe country. russian president for the mayor presented evidence that press conference at his residence in moscow on tuesday following his decision to send additional troops to crimea over the weekend press conference putin stressed that russ
few weeks singapore's national environment agency announced wednesday that the country is suffering one of its worst run seasons in history. with every being its driest months since eighteen sixty nine experts say the dry spell friends of race for other food prices and have a negative effect on emerging economies in the region relief may be on the way and seeing sure monsoon season is set to begin at the middle of this month and run through early may. dazzled inter national stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the weather took a step back from spring to winter today here in korea for more let's go over tracking bowed out at the weather center now. well we can take a bite of winter it just yet. about ten centimeters of snow has piled up in the east coast regions although the snow showers have now come to when and what must the late winter wonderland over and helena province as cold wave warning has been issued and the providence college on the dry weather warning so please make it to keep yourself hydrated. we then a senate under the influe
end of the environments and widening gap between breaks and four. sometimes we just don't want to learn the most part next two months because that could spread a pessimistic view that china's economy. i certainly intend to sterilize until the economy. sell the asset has decided to keep the wolf targets at one seven and a proper sense. but if you look at the actual bricks down you'll see in this year's target for exports as a soap opera percent smaller than last year's. so in this case this being our efforts to reform its economic structure economics inside joke all what else it out at the gabba but the point. one interesting case highlights as the proposed budget for domestic security the government plans to spend five billion yuan or about thirty three billion dollars on police to maintain security. that's up six point one percent from last year. this year's combined budgets of the central and local governments for internal security. i've not been disclosed but this is the homage of sorts since two thousand seven total spending on internal security has increased steadily. and
optimistic about the current environment of china. we know that a large amount of heavy metal and the department of soil across the country now large percentage of carpenter polluted. but don't think the vessel from the spot to open up. it's common for the st untouchable to have pesticide residues creating products that people typically one of the new china. the officer for high quality products are standout of the country will be made available to the super rich. i can upgrade to the new market had been created. the commenter is to repent and are still many people looking to pay a bit more for better service and quality. we are not to get the prize fund of trouble bass singers understand the cost of living. today we have people that read we get home until the decline in the watch industry. but take a look of the guests. i opened the show the swiss watch issued a call by about twenty minutes. the crunch and also depicted upscale hotels and restaurants latrine three high quality tobacco products. i think i can only support to the strong relations. need to find that i have a bab
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)